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About Gael

“Sometimes in our flawed humanity, we are privileged to find a gifted and inspired teacher who through caring, integrity and wisdom, has the ability to gently open us to the deepest truths of our own being. I consider Gael to be at the top of our profession, an outstanding and accomplished leader, a truly wonderful person, and someone I can recommend without hesitation.” William Chamberlain, Psychotherapist

Welcome to “For Enlightened Emotional Living” and thank you for dropping by.

Life can be challenging and complicated, and no matter how well you live, no one is exempt from some measure of pain and difficulty. It is what you make of that experience that makes the difference in how you feel about your life and its purpose.

I came to my own sense of calling in my twenties when in the wake of a traumatic experience I found myself wrestling with PTSD and suicidal depression. Traditional psychological approaches gave me little relief. One night while in the grip of my darkest despair I experienced a moment of complete surrender that catalyzed a deep change in me. I realized that in attempting to resist and overcome my pain I was actually reinforcing it. I needed to learn to work with my feelings, not against them. That single realization led to a lifelong journey of healing, study and discovery about the underlying purpose awaiting us at the heart of our darkest moments.

I studied psychology at the University of British Columbia, and worked toward my doctorate in clinical behavioural medicine at the Behavioral Physiology Institutes in Washington, and while those disciplines taught me what it means to be a bio-psycho-social being, there was still something missing for me. Working in nature with Indigenous Elders brought me a little closer by adding a spiritual dimension to my practice. Ultimately however, it was client histories that revealed the missing link in my understanding of the relationship between pain and purpose. I discovered that there is nothing random in our struggles – there is always a deeper story at work beneath the visible surface of people’s lives.

That crucial story is both sensory and symbolic. It is encoded in our feelings, and to access and integrate its meaning we must delve beneath our intellect to meet it where it lives – in our emotions, in sensory information, intuition, imagination, and in our dreams. During times of change, challenge, and conflict we are presented with an opportunity to engage the inner guidance of our feelings, and when we do, we are forever transformed. The very things we resist and deny are the keys to realizing a deeper sense of purpose in our lives.

Having worked with thousands of clients over the years (individually and in groups) I have been privileged to witness the transformational power of Enlightened Emotional Living. I invite you to explore this life-affirming approach as a step toward your unfolding wholeness. 

Coaching is a structured and goal oriented process, not a therapeutic one, and it is not a substitute for therapy. These are self-development processes designed for healthy people who are seeking meaningful change in their lives. If you are wrestling with addiction, have a history of mental illness, or are dealing with debilitating depression, anxiety, or suicidal feelings – please consult a registered therapist in your area. 

Gael McCool is an author, inspirational teacher, and transformational life coach specializing in the psychological and spiritual potential of Enlightened Emotional Living. She is a Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist, Certified as a Master Life Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, and Spiritual Intelligence Coach.

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