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FEEL inc. CD Series

Enlightened Emotional Journeys CD Series

This CD Series is designed to take you full circle from your darkest emotional places to your enlightened emotional and spiritual aspirations.

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FEEL: Journey to the Heart of Fear

When you delve beneath the surface of uncomfortable emotional experiences, you discover the presence of fear.  Take this journey to the heart of fear to integrate its true purpose and place in your life.

FEEL: Journey to the Heart of Anger

Anger can harm or heal depending on how you experience and express it. This journey explores the energetic integrity of anger, and helps to restore its balanced expression through personal strength, passion, and the ability to set appropriate boundaries.

FEEL: Journey to the Heart of Pain

The enlightened journey through pain, sadness, loss, and grief restores personal balance, inner stability, and compassion for self and others.

FEEL: Journey to the Heart of Shame

The journey to the heart of shame takes you through the darkest places of self-denial and feelings of unworthiness, to restore self-acceptance and the freedom to lovingly respond to your own unmet needs.

FEEL: Journey to the Heart of Self-Doubt

This journey brings you face to face with the inner critic that causes confusion, doubt, indecision and second-guessing, and helps you restore the personal accountability and inner integrity necessary for establishing self-trust.

FEEL: Journey to the Heart of Forgiveness

This is the journey of personal release – in letting go you can surrender to emotional and spiritual equilibrium and inner peace – opening yourself to renewed faith in life.

FEEL: Journey to the Heart of Love and Joy

This enlightened emotional journey leads to an integrated experience of unconditional love, presence, and ecstatic freedom of being.

FEEL: The Journey of Spiritual Purpose

Enlightened emotional journeying provides the key to the puzzle of your spiritual purpose. Exploring the themes and gifts of your emotional life helps you discover what is being called forth in you that you can offer back to the world.

Listening Instructions:

These inner processes require a private and secure space where you can be free from interruption for about half an hour. Do not listen to these recordings when driving, or participating in other activities. To receive the greatest benefit from this series, it helps to listen to the recordings in sequence. It may be helpful to have pen and paper available for immediate use after the session to capture memorable moments for later reflection. Headphones or ear buds improve sound concentration and reduce external distraction. Enjoy your Enlightened Emotional Journeys.