Transformational Emotional and Spiritual Coaching



What sort of issues do you work with?

People seek my assistance for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes people come because they have seen the positive changes in others who have been through my program.

They may have a particular goal in mind and want to know how to deal with obstacles impeding their progress.

People also come because they want to change the way they feel about themselves, to learn how to love and accept themselves, and to connect to feelings of worthiness.

Clients often want to uncover and explore their gifts, change their direction, or to discover a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

They may want to develop emotional and spiritual intelligence and resilience for dealing with difficult times – to learn how to integrate and express their emotions in healthy ways, and to deal proactively with feelings of fear, anger, pain, shame and self-doubt – to find balance and peace in themselves and restore feelings of wellbeing.

Some people seek assistance because they feel lost, confused, or stuck. They may need skills for making better choices and healthier decisions for themselves.

They may be dealing with loss or grief; or need to learn how to deal with conflict and communication breakdown at work or at home.

People may want support in improving relationships with others, assistance in understanding and working with their spouse or child, or coping with an ill or aging parent.

They may need to learn how to forgive themselves and others, or how to release themselves from unhealthy attachment to negative situations.

Although people come for particular reasons they quickly find that the issue that brought them to me is only part of a larger story unfolding in their life.

People often arrive after trying a variety of approaches to “fix” their problem, but by the time they are finished working with me they appreciate their situation in an entirely new light. Sometimes the very thing they thought needed fixing or eliminating was the catalyst they needed to transform their life.

What type of skills do you utilize and teach?

I coach and facilitate integrated awareness drawing from research and teachings in the fields of emotional and spiritual intelligence, positive psychology, social psychology, mind/body and behavioural medicine, behavioural sciences, neurophysiology, energy medicine, transformational and transpersonal psychology.

I utilize a variety of specifically tailored tools and techniques such as self-regulation skills, self-awareness skills, cognitive behavioural training, mindfulness-based stress reduction, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, journaling, somatic practices, goal setting, dreamwork, non-violent communication and conflict resolution strategies, appreciative enquiry, and a variety of other specific modalities.

Do you work with people who have been diagnosed with mental illness?

Psychopathology and mental illness are beyond the scope of my practice. I work exclusively with mentally healthy people who are looking for new skills and support to make positive change in their life, and who have the capacity to learn and apply those skills to achieve their goals. However, people who wrestle with some degree of depression and anxiety often receive benefit from my coaching in the areas of social, emotional, and spiritual intelligence.

Do you work with people who have addictions?

People who are actively engaged in addiction or substance abuse issues require specialized care that falls outside of my skill set. However, if you are in recovery, or receiving treatment, I may be able to provide some supplementary support. This would have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Do you work with people experiencing physical illness?

Yes I assist clients with all types of health challenges to develop resilience and emotional equanimity to support their healing process. Accepting and working with the heightened vulnerability that accompanies illness is key. It is crucial to be able to identify and communicate needs, set healthy boundaries, and learn how to receive care with grace and gratitude. Coaching provides invaluable support for dealing with feelings of loss, change and challenge during periods of illness and disability. I can also provide hypnotherapy to alleviate stress, induce states of relaxation, and help manage pain. Over the years I have coached clients facing a variety of health challenges including: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, Parkinson’s, Addison’s, Huntington’s, Stroke, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.

Should I take the FEEL program rather than do individual coaching sessions?

The FEEL Program empowers you with the skills to address and resolve issues at a deep level. It is a structured skill-building process that not only helps you to resolve your present issue, but also provides you with an inner template with which you can tackle any problematic pattern in your life. Structured coaching and support over a period of 20 sessions ensures that you are able to imprint and implement these powerful transformational skills for future use.

Why do young people come to see you?

Typically, I see young people (Millennials) who are experiencing difficulty in making the transition to independence. They often have intellectual skills that far exceed their emotional maturity level, and that imbalance can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and depression. They have high expectations for their future, but even when armed with degrees and good intentions it can be tough to land meaningful work or find a direction that makes sense. Social and emotional intelligence skills help them to develop resilience, confidence and realistic optimism toward their future. Self-awareness and a sense of purpose are key ingredients to a successful launch into adult life.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.