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The FEEL program

The FEEL Program is a 20 session coaching program that teaches a rich repertoire of skills that you can draw upon daily to meet life’s challenges. Learn to work with your feelings in an integrated holistic approach to body, mind, emotions, energy, and spirit. This is a structured goal oriented process that not only supports you in resolving current issues, but also provides you with an inner template that can be utilized for change in every area of your life. Learn how to identify, experience, and express your emotional truth in healthy and productive ways.

Price $3000.00


FEEL: Writing From the Insight Out Workshops

Is your magic trapped beneath layers of everyday responsibility? Are you experiencing intuitive nudges and instinctive urges to make changes in your life and are ready turn that inspiration into positive action? Do you long to connect with a deeper sense of passion & purpose? Maybe it’s time to get in touch with the deeper story of your life.

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In this series of workshops you work within a structured supportive process using visionary techniques, meditation, and evocative writing to connect with your inner calling and activate the deeper story of your life.

Series weekend workshops. $400.00 each

Next workshop 1 date: Sept. 21st & 22nd in Vancouver BC