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FEEL inc. Testimonials

What clients FEEL:

Seize the Moment

“If I had to chose one word to embody Gael’s gift it would be her ability to catalyze freedom. Freedom not only from one’s dreaded inner critic, but freedom to burst forth and live life to its fullest, pausing only to smell the flowers and never ever to second guess another moment.”
Terri Tatchell, Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter

Welcome The Light

“In my experience with Gael, her insights and expertise acted as a beacon of welcome light and strength during an extremely difficult juncture of my life journey.  I consider her approach, guidance and support one of the true milestones of my healing process.  At a time where my path traveled was excruciatingly dark, she walked beside me simply, without judgment and saw me through with her wonderful way and experience.  I will be forever grateful.”
Jayson Aquilanti, Director, Franchise Management – Walt Disney Imagineering

Feel Fulfilled

“Gael provided me with first class coaching during a very difficult time in my life. Her kindness, insight and knowledge were key in helping me put the pieces back together and achieving fulfillment in both my professional and personal life. I strongly endorse Gael for her dedication and commitment to her clients.”
Dr. Guy Fradet M.D.

Nurture Your Heart’s Desires

“Through my work with Gael I have learned how to recognize and manage my own emotional patterns. This has had a profound influence in how I view and approach my relationships with other people. The positive impact this has had in my personal and professional life cannot be overstated – I have moved into a place where I understand and respect my own needs, and have learned how to better recognize and understand the needs of others. This congruency results in better communication and more positive outcomes than I could have imagined possible. I am so grateful to Gael for her depth of knowledge and dedication to sharing her insights with others.”
Leah Costello, Curious Minds Productions

Free Your Mind

“I was fortunate to meet Gael when my sense of meaning and purpose had reached a critically low ebb. Through her support and guidance I was able to become more emotionally accountable and able to reach much deeper into my core being than I imagined possible. She helped me clear through much of the cognitive debris accumulated over several decades and I was able to see a more vibrant and happier soul at my foundation. I am now beginning to ask questions with my heart rather than my mind.”
Dale Howard, Ph.D. Howard Research

Find Your Way

“I’ve worked with Gael McCool through many transitions in my life, initially while working in television, then when I worked for Disney, and subsequently when starting my own company. I love how she is a truth teller. She can bring clarity to any situation and is my most trusted guide when assistance is required.  She has helped me redefine my sense of value and claim the success I always knew I had within me. Gael’s innate way of guiding and supporting me to stretch and strengthen myself has made my life richer and more authentic. I would encourage everyone I know and love to participate in the FEEL program. You have nothing to lose and so very much to gain… a life that is authentic and in alignment with your own deepest values. Thank YOU Gael.”
Diane Johnson, CEO Descriptive Video Works Inc.

Reawaken to Life and love

“I had been widowed for five years and was having a tough time dealing with anger and was beginning to lose focus on my job. Through some contacts of mine, arrangements were made for me to meet Gael McCool professionally. Gael taught me how to accept my feelings and work positively with my emotions. She encouraged me to move forward and to enjoy life to the fullest. I have entered into a new relationship, I feel grounded, and my thinking is very positive.  Thank you Gael for your life changing support.”
Bill Stewart, Frontier Power

Reclaim Strength

“Gael’s strategies helped me to peel back layers to regain access to that place of inner essence and strength, and then using that source to orient and guide important life decisions. The journey is challenging, and calls on allegiance to personal truth, but the reward of achieving congruence inside to out is well worth it. The journey continues.”
Peggy Howard Ph.D. Howard Research

Restore Inner Peace and Harmony

“I began working with Gael a few years ago when I was wrestling with traumatic issues from my past.  Through her guidance I not only learned practical and effective life tools I could use “in the moment” whenever issues arose, but I gained spiritual insight that has helped me put my experience in a proper context. I am forever grateful to Gael and her work with me, as it has freed me from reactive behaviours which had, up until now, unconsciously sabotaged my sincere efforts to live a peaceful and healthy life.”
Patricia Sereno, Sereno Music

“Gael McCool and I have spent many happy hours together discussing faith-based and evidence-based approaches to problem solving. With her keen insight and proven examples I have come to appreciate the value in a combined approach.  Gael’s insistence that I listen to the promptings of my own intuition, instead of simply following the course of treatment recommended by a trusted physician for my congestive heart failure, led to me a life-saving surgery. I credit her with the extra mileage I have gotten out of this old ticker as a result. My family and I are deeply grateful for her insight and intervention.”
Dr. Ted Merrill, M.D. Author of:  I Only Dress the Wounds

Pass on the Joy

“Ultimately the highest praise we can give someone is to recommend them to the nearest and dearest people in our lives.  Many years ago a colleague referred me to Gael and since that time I have referred on my friends, family and work colleagues.  They, in turn, pass the word.  All have high praise for Gael and her services, and that praise is well deserved.”
Vicki Dalziel, International Recruiter for London School of the Arts


“Confident, high performing individuals, those people who seem to breeze through life stacking up accomplishments and achieving their goals with ease ALL go through a slump, eventually. The well-trodden pathways of self-doubt can keep us from moving forward emotionally, professionally and personally. Gael’s approach helped me to identify ingrained emotional and behavior patterns that were not working, and taught me how to construct new neural pathways that lead to my heart. It was a totally enlightening experience.”
Paula Shackleton Author, Founder of Paula’s Book Buffet, and Whistler Writes

“Gael McCool has a gift. She is able to clearly see the issues that can hold people back from being their very best. She then skillfully helps the individual to grasp what they need to do to move forward in a more honest way. I have had the opportunity to experience the positive impact of Gael’s work personally and have observed it in others that I have recommended her to.”
Karen Foss, President CanadaWide Magazines

“The guidance and coaching I have received from Gael McCool has truly been awe inspiring and life altering. Thank you Gael for helping me to become more self-aware and to make healthy changes in my life. I don’t believe there could be a more powerful gift. I thank you.”
Cherie Crondahl, Palliative Care Nurse

“Gael is a great coach and wise teacher. I have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth in my executive coaching work as a result of my work with her. Gael sees situations and issues clearly and objectively and provides perspective that promotes higher levels of emotional resilience, wisdom and capability. I highly recommend Gael and her work to others who are interested in achieving high levels of personal and professional performance.”
Jacqueline Peters, B.Sc., M.Ed., CHRP, PCC. Executive Coach, Facilitator and Leadership Development Specialist

“Sometimes in our flawed humanity, we are privileged to find a gifted and inspired teacher who through caring, integrity and wisdom, has the ability to gently open us to the deepest truths of our own being. I consider Gael to be at the top of our profession, an outstanding and accomplished leader, a truly wonderful person, and someone I can recommend without hesitation.”
William Chamberlain, Psychotherapist

“Working with Gael McCool changed my life. We met at a pivotal time and I knew instantly that I needed to work with her, so I signed up for a 20-week program. It felt like Gael could see right through me, that she knew more about my destiny than I did. However, through our weekly coaching sessions (that I always looked forward to), she guided me through a process of self-discovery that was incredible. We dug deep and the journey was fascinating. I learned skills that I use in my daily life that allow me to live from a true, heartfelt place. When I get off track or question my deeper sense of purpose, I refer to the tool kit Gael provided to get clarity & stay on track. Gael has an amazing way with people and is all about ‘what’s possible’. I always felt at ease and comfortable with Gael and was really sad when my program was over. Gael helped me strengthen my wings and since then it’s been my time to fly.”
Cari Marotta, Promotions Manager, Walt Disney Canada

“The tools that I acquired through my time spent working with Gael McCool have vastly improved my life. There is never a day that I don’t recognize and utilize Gaels work and the ripple effect is fantastic as all of the people that I interact with benefit from her teachings in one way or another. My thanks to Gael from my open, generous heart to hers.”
Janice Crondahl, Producer, Complete Productions.

“Attending a workshop with Gael is an enlightening and transformative experience. Gael is a highly compassionate and extremely competent and creative teacher with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She helps individuals become aware, confident, better people and the world a better place.”
Sandi Moore, Head of ABT, at the Native Education College

“Without a doubt, Gael is my most important spiritual guide. She’s always known just when and how to help me continue my personal and professional growth, and to deal with the challenges along the way.”
Howard Slutsken, Wingborn Productions

“Gael’s insights into relationship were spot on. She draws her insights from many levels – cognitive, intuitive and spiritual – and she has a way of cutting to the chase in the most kind and compassionate way.”
Whitney Laughlin, Ed.D

“Gael McCool is a remarkable woman. She has an incredible ability to guide one through her course of self-awareness and promote independent growth that makes life long changes.”
Lynette Barnes – Fabric Artist

“I always look forward to talking with Gael. She’s a gifted healer, teacher, and mentor. Just the right combination for when you need help finding your way on life’s journey.”
Patty Horner, retired Mortgage Broker

“Gael is a spiritual warrior. She is the Yoda of helping to guide emotional growth. She is an old soul. She creates a safe haven within her circle of ancient wisdom that allows for honest exploration and growth; dark corners are swept clean and light enters. My personal journey would not have been as enriched, nor as fulfilling, without Gael as my mentor.”
Su Grimmer, Flycatcher Communications

“After working with Gael McCool my inner voice became my strongest voice and I was able to move forward in my life in ways I would have never thought possible. Thanks for helping me unleash my potential. I keep telling my kids that when they finish high school and get ready for the real world, they need to do two things…talk to a financial planner and to Gael McCool who will set them free!”
Tracy Bennett Producer, Firefly Digital Media Inc.

What the younger generation has to say:

Having been in practice for nearly 30 years, I am now seeing a second generation of clients. I can’t think of a higher honour than the trust placed in me when former clients send their teen and twenty-something children for support along their path. Here’s what a few of the next generation have to say:

“Gael has absolutely changed my life. I see a huge difference in myself, and other people have noticed it too! I didn’t think it was possible to feel as happy in my life as I do now, and I know that it wouldn’t have been, had it not been for Gael’s guidance. I really feel like I can do anything! Thanks so much!”

“Gael is an amazing woman that guides you through seeing situations, others and yourself in a new way. She helps you discover yourself and what you truly want by weeding out patterns you never knew were in place. Gael gives you tools that you can carry forth with you forever.”

“Working with Gael was a life-changing experience for me. I arrived in her office at a moment when everything in my life was shifting and she helped to guide me through all the positive and negative effects. Since working with Gael I have become a significantly stronger and more conscious person. She helped me to look at the world differently and to open my mind and my heart to everything new and exciting in my life.”

“My dad suggested I see Gael to help me with some of my struggles. I am a stubborn person and thought I could deal with things on my own. I have always believed that people should keep their problems to themselves so it was hard for me to even imagine letting my guard down. However, I wasn’t making progress on my own so I agreed to see Gael. She made it very comfortable for me to discuss even deeply personal things. She helped me become conscious of issues going on beneath the surface, and to discover who I really am beyond all of that. Each time I saw her I left realizing something new about myself. I have improved my outlook and can now move forward with my life being completely and honestly me.”

Via text msg: “I thought to myself today, I haven’t talked to Gael in a while, so I figured I’d give you an update on my life. I’m playing hockey 4 days a week, I ride my bike to and from work everyday, I got accepted into university for human kinetics. I haven’t smoked in 7 months, and I’ve started seeing a lovely girl at work. Thanks for helping me out so much.”

“How does anybody get along in this world without a Gael in their life?”